Q. How much does Microblading cost?

A. It costs £350 for 2 sessions. Top-up's are charged at £150 per session. 

Q. How long does it last?

A. The result can last between 8 to 18 months depending on skin type and depth of colour.

Q. Do i need a consultation/patch test?

A. It is essential to have a patch test. If preferred, i can send you a little patch test kit in the post. Treatment cannot take place for at least 24 hours after performing the test.

Q. How long does it take to heal and is there scabbing?

A. It takes about a week to heal and there should be little or no scabbing, if you stick to the aftercare regime.

Q. Can i do exercise immediately after the treatment?

A. Exercise is fine following treatment, however, no swimming, saunas, steam rooms etc, until your brows have healed.

Q. Can i have Botox just before, or after treatment?

A. You must wait for 2 weeks after having Botox before you can be treated and must wait at least 2 weeks after treatment before your next Botox session.

Q. Can i have my brows tinted before treatment?

A. You should have your brows tinted either 1 week before treatment, or 2 weeks after treatment.

Q. I have old brow tattooing. Can i have Microblading over the top?

A. As long as the old tattooing is faded down enough, yes you can. If in doubt, send me a photo and i should be able to tell from that.

Q.Is it painful?

A. I put on good numbing cream before your treatment , so you shouldn't feel much discomfort at all.

Q. Will it be very dark until healed?

A. Microblading is a lovely, natural looking treatment and you should be able to leave my clinic without any redness or swelling. Colour can fade up to 30% after the healing process.

Q. I have very sparse eyebrow hair, will Microblading work for me?

A. It doesn't matter if you have no brow hair, very sparse hair, or quite a lot of hair, Microblading is good for all brow conditions.

Q. I have very oily skin and have been told i'm not a suitable candidate for Microblading, is this true?

A. If you have excessively oily skin, Microblading might not be for you. I will assess your skin for suitability. Machine tattooing might be a better option.

Q. Is this treatment for all ethnicities and skin and hair tones?

A. Yes, i have pigment shades to suit all.

Q. Can i have treatment if i am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. No, you must wait until after the baby is born and breastfeeding has finished.

Q. Can i have treatment if i am undergoing chemo?

A. You have to be at least 5 weeks clear of chemo and in some situations a letter of consent may be asked for.

Q. I have a health condition. Can i have this treatment done?

A. If you have a health condition and/or are taking medication, this must be discussed with me directly, before we can proceed, to make sure there are no contraindications.

Q. I'm under 18 years old. Can i have the treatment?

A. In some circumstances this can be done, as long as there is consent from a parent or guardian.

Q. I'm in my 70's. Can i have this done? 

A. As long as you are healthy, you can have this treatment done at any age!