Russian Smokey eyeliner Tattoo

Russian Smokey Eyeliner is the latest method in permanent makeup for eyeliner. I have been trained by world renowned Master, Natalia Smirnova. This beautiful technique is very gentle and you can have whatever look you desire. You can have Eyelash Enancement, plain Eyeliner tattooing (with or without a tail flick) or you can have eyeliner with the smokey effect.


The Russian Smokey Eyeliner is the eyeshaddow effect sweeping across the eyelid from the lash line and it is so pretty. Again, you can have as much or as little 'smokey' as you like! 

Eyeliner lasts between 2 and 4 years before needing a colour boost. 

Please have a look at the information sheet at the bottom of this page and contact me if you have any questions.